Recent Before & After Photos

Rain Damaged Home

The roof over your head, while you know it's there sometimes you don't always check to make sure it's in tact until it's too late. Usually when heavy rains hit ... READ MORE

Flood Damage - Before & After

The structure of your home is a pretty big deal and when it's not sound it could possibly create big problems for those who live in the homes on the hills in So... READ MORE

Soot Clean Up

Even if it wasn't licked by the flames don't be surprised if furniture and upholstery in your home is covered in soot and smoke. SERVPRO technicians are trained... READ MORE

Why Having a Fire Extinguisher in Your Home is a Good Idea

This fire was stopped short of major destruction and injury or death because this family was awoken by the smoke detectors. They were able to safely evacuate an... READ MORE

Flooded Front Room in Ojai, CA

Without knowing they had a crack in the foundation of their home these homeowners came home to find that a sprinkler had flood the front section of their home d... READ MORE

Your Dream Bathroom

At SERVPRO we know you put a lot of thought into your home and you love showing it off. But unfortunately no one plans for a toilet to overflow during a party, ... READ MORE

Abandoned Retail Property

After this retail space closed down, no one had realized that the roof has some massive leaks and when winter rains rolled through microbial growth began to for... READ MORE

Post Dust Storm

After an office building door was accidentally left open during a wind and dust storm in Ojai this lobby of multiple office spaces became covered in outside deb... READ MORE

No Time to Waste

With the holidays around the corner you don't have time for an unwanted water damage to halt your festivities. We are available to you no matter what day or tim... READ MORE

Master Bedroom Water Damage

Water damage can happen to anyone, any time. It's not something we expect you to expect but when it does happen especially in a room that you practically live i... READ MORE