Fire Damage Photo Gallery

disaster recovery team trailer and two promaster vans with pressure washers

We Are Fully Equipped

Large-scale smoke and soot cleaning staging a 53 ft disaster recovery trailer. This trailer is self-contained with equipment, consumables, and PPE. The hot water trailer-mounted pressure washer with reclamations capabilities is depicted visually in the bottom right corner. Our team has 30 of these types of pressure washers.

Living Room emptied after fire place damage

Fire Place Restoration

While they are a beautiful accent to your home always be aware of your fire place and the embers from it. An unattended fire place can cause huge problems if not put out correctly.

Hallway damaged after fire

It Might Not Even Be Your Fault

Even if it's not your fault a fire started it can still heavily affect you and your home. A fire that started above this apartment completely ruined their hallway, bathroom, and bedroom with damage. After a lengthy restoration process the tenants were thankful to move back in.

SERVPRO Technician Vacuuming a Carpet

Fire Damaged Office

The smell of fire can seep into carpets, furniture, drapery, etc. Our technicians take the time to vacuum, wipe down, and clean everything that could have been affected by the fire and smoke.

Boarded Up Fire Damage

Board Up - Fire Damage

In this school play set you can see where the fire started to hit in this room. After cleaning it properly our technicians set in equipment to help keep the air clean as well.

SERVPRO Technicians on Scaffolding Cleaning

Auditorium Fire

After a small electrical fire sparked in this school auditorium, the fire was put out quickly, but the soot and ash was everywhere. The school called SERVPRO of Ojai/Montecito to come out and thoroughly clean the auditorium so their normal activities could resume.

Home Fire

Fires can be started numerous ways: electrical, cooking, candles, etc. SERVPRO of Ojai/Montecito has the tools and equipment you will need to remediate your fire damage and get you back into your home as quickly as possible.