Storm Damage Photo Gallery

Lightning Storm

When Disaster Strikes We are There

You don't really think about it but lightning can affect you just as much as rain or fire. If you or someone you know suffers from a storm damage always call SERVPRO.

SERVPRO technicians transporting air filters


While we don't get hurricanes or tornadoes like other parts of the country SoCal still suffers from fires every fall and they can affect your way of living tremendously. 

Mud Covered Floors

Mudslides Through Your Home

The rains are coming and that means so is mud. It gets in places you would never think and never want and it's even harder to clean out. Call SERVPRO if you or someone you know suffers from mudslides this season. 

Commercial Containment Job

Containing the Storm

Making sure that no more damage can be done from the storms our technicians have strategically set up a containment. This allows them to keep outside elements outside where they belong. 

Rain Soaked Garage Roof

Storm Damaged Garage

After strong rains infiltrated this garage the homeowners didn't realize the internal damage it had done until they saw dark water spots and the garage started to smell. If you suspect storms have turned your home moldy always call SERVPRO before it can get worse. 

Damage Shingles on Roof

Windy Days Damage Roof

While we may not experience a lot of storm damages but when the Santa Ana winds come through it can be destructive for homeowners. Roofs are an important part of home structures, SERVPRO can be there for all your storm damages.