What our Customers say...

Storm Damage Testimonials

The roof on my house began leaking during a massive rain storm, I called SERVPRO late in the evening and they arrived shortly after to aid me. They were able to cover the roof and begin work immediately to stop any further damage. I was very impressed and will be recommending them to friends and family. 

My water damage came from the massive storms that rolled through Southern California, my roof had a leak but I was unaware of it until there was standing water in my home. SERVPRO was able to come out immediately and help asses the damage done. I was thrilled with the process AND the end result. 

Abraham, Kat and the SERVPRO team are incredibly professional, honest, and determined hard workers. The helped me remove all the insulation from my attic that was affected by fires a year ago and replaced it with new insulation. The were faced with manny different challenges through out the day like moving around my contents(as I do have a lot of junk), building plastic walls to prevent exposure of dust inside my home and excessive heat in the attic, yet Abraham and his team were cooperative and maintained a high level of professionalism while working through these obstacles. I highly recommend SERVPRO and would not hesitate to work with them again.

SERVPRO was great! I cant thank KAT and her crew enough! Crew took very good care of my home and furniture securing every single piece to prevent damage as I had insulation replaced in my attic from a fire damage. They moved all my furniture During work and placed it back to It’s prime location when the job was completed with out me telling them were stuff goes. They were the so organized! Like I said this crew was on point !!!!! I can’t say enough about abraham, Alvaro, Nelson and Julio who were so nice, respectful, excellent workers and a pleasure to work with!!! You guys are awesome!!! What a great team these people make, I was so impressed of how they worked, from communication to being very careful with everything they handled inside my home. Thank you so much SERVPRO for such a great job.

We Had Abraham and his team come out to replace insulation in the attic that was affected by the Woolsey fires. Abraham was very down to earth and upfront about the scope of work that was going to happen for that day. They performed a great job and were very careful. They completely removed all the insulation that was affected, replaced brand new insulation, cleaned my vents inside and out and managed to have the inside of my home clean while they did the work as if it never happened! I am I firm believer in doing things the right way and this SERVPRO does just that with the right equipment to get the job done.

Abraham and his colleagues were great to work with. They were on time, handled everything in a professional manner, organized, and very knowledgeable of work they were doing I mean what else can you ask for when hiring someone to work in your home and personal space?!?! I was pretty stressed out at the beginning before they had arrived because of all the questions running through my head from possible damage, type of employees, professionals, type of tools and cleanliness. But as soon as I met Abraham and his colleagues I knew I was 100% comfortable with letting the team inside to service my home. They are honest, straight to the point and very hard working. I was really impressed with the service as they went above and beyond that 5 star rating does not justify it I’d give more if possible.